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BCSEA Webinar - Eco-Sense: A Modern Story of Sustainability

Dec 14 2010 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Eco-Sense: A Modern Story of Sustainability
This noon-hour Webinar was held on Tuesday December 14
Telling stories has always been a way of passing along knowledge and values.  Eco Sense is a modern day story of a blended family that purposely moved towards living sustainably within the social norms of our modern day culture, and did so in balance with the surrounding eco-system.  

This webinar was not just a story of the house, presently referred to as the "The World's Greenest Modern House"; it is about the story of how Ann and Gord Baird got there, how they harnessed the power of sustainable technologies with justice and reverence, the work they are doing on policy and code, the research, and their lifestyle. You'll find this a fascinating and Inspiring glimpse of a future we now know can exist.

The couple's passion and knowledge is expressed in their work consulting, building, advancing policy, research, and in the hundreds of tours they have given through their Eco-Sense home. They teach that if it isn't affordable it isn't sustainable and live their motto Less life stuff...More life style!

www.eco-sense.ca for more information.

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