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Climate & Energy Solutions Webinar: Vancouver Greenest City 2020

Nov 23 2010 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

The City of Vancouver plans to become the world’s Greenest City by 2020. See www.talkgreentous.ca for more information on this ambitious initiative.

Lindsay Cole, Greenest City Planner, and Hugo Haley, Renewable Energy Planner, presented an overview of the City’s latest draft strategies and actions, with a focus on district energy, climate leadership, transportation, and green buildings.

The City is about to launch a second phase of their community engagement process to prioritize the Greenest City draft actions and build capacity for their success going forward to implementation. As part of this process, webinar participants had an opportunity to ask questions and offer comments on the draft Greenest City actions.

See the PowerPoint presentations below. And visit www.vimeo.com/bcsea to see the recording of this webinar.

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is pleased to invite you to attend our Climate and Energy Solutions Webinars to expand upon important developments in the fields of sustainable energy and climate change.

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