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Kamloops Sustainability Network Meeting

Community Event
Mar 4 2010 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

WHAT: Organizational meeting for a Kamloops sustainability network (we need a name for it too!)

WHO: Clubs, NGO’s, faith groups, government ministries: anyone concerned about the health of the earth in general and the Kamloops area in particular – at least one representative per group. Unaffiliated Individuals are welcome as well.

WHY: Kamloops has many environmental, sustainability and other “greenish” clubs and organizations that often have overlapping interests. Better communication would facilitate collaboration and a stronger, more unified voice on community issues.

PURPOSE: What do you want this network to look like? How would it ideally function? Help us brainstorm a vision for connectivity and then formulate a plan to implement it.

Please RVSP attendance to the-cap@shaw.ca