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Leading Cycling Cities: Lessons from Victoria

Jul 14 2009 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

BCSEA Energy Solutions Webinar

What makes Victoria a ‘leading’ cycling city and is its title “cycling capital of Canada” deserved?  What approach to bicycle integration is Victoria pursuing, which offshore practices have been transferred with what results, and what has yet to be tried? What holds progress back in B.C. and what kinds of changes would catalyze more rapid growth?

Cycling is Victoria’s fastest growing mode of transportation, and not by chance. Expanding bicycle infrastructures coupled with effective promotion of commuter cycling have grown participation dramatically. This month, BCSEA Energy Solutions Webinar attendees learned what Victoria has done to innovate and get new ideas about retrofitting for bicycle-friendliness.

Our expert guest presenters:

John Luton is a Victoria city councillor, executive director of Capital Bike and Walk, and the coordinator of the Vancouver Island Cycle Tourism Alliance.  

David Cubberley is a former four-term Saanich councillor and founding president of Bike To Work Victoria. He served as MLA for Saanich South from 2005-9.

A PDF of this presentation is available for download at the bottom of this event listing.

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