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Green Drinks Victoria

Community Event
Jan 13 2009 - 5:00pm

Simple and unstructured, Green Drinks is a chance to meet monthly to chat, debate, connect and socialize over drinks with others passionate about the environment and sustainability.

Many people have made friends, found employment, done deals, developed ideas, and experienced serendipity at these events. Green Drinks attracts a lively mixture of professionals from every sector and is active in 245 cities around the world.

Victoria's Green Drinks has already created the largest informal network of green professionals on Vancouver Island. Since September 2006, 2000 people have either formed, friendships, found jobs, offered mutual support or built business and political opportunity.

This informal network has created positive economic, social and environmental outcomes which benefit everyone involved. That is why Green Drinks exists in Victoria.

Green Drinks has rules, but there are precious few:

  • no membership fees or formal structure.
  • events are simple and unstructured.
  • no agenda, or other formality.
  • an inclusive assembly where respect for others is not just encouraged, its expected.
  • the Fixed Rule is the monthly event date. The 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • the only cost is for the food or drink participants consume
    ( its a no host bar).
  • the only participant requirements are to meet new people, enjoy good conversation, learn a lot and have fun in the process.
  • participants fuel the continuous healthy growth of Green Drinks by inviting friends and other like-minded people.( Rarely do all the same people come each month.)

The strength of Green Drinks lies in the diversity of the people it attracts. The following have attended previous events:

Company Presidents, CEOs, authors, 3 film-makers, lawyers, developers, contractors,architects, mediators, teachers/coaches/guides/mentors, Many Phds and Masters students recent graduates, students, musicians, songwriters, social activists, energy efficiency experts, environmentalists, consultants, numerous civil servants, 3 ethical stockbrokers, various engineers, Executive Directors, professional fundraisers, marine and wildlife biologists, an environmental technologist, a systems person, angel investors, 6 foresters, researchers, bankers, landscapers, composters, sustainable energy experts, railway enthusiasts, journalists, media folk, public relations people and artisans of all stripes.

All participants have one thing in common: a passion for the environment, sustainability and social responsibility. To subscribe to the Green Drinks Victoria list send a message to sympa@lists.onenw.org with "subscribe greendrinksvictoriabc" in the subject line and become a part of the largest network of environmental "change agents" on Vancouver Island.