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6th Annual Canadian Oil Sands Summit

Community Event
Jan 13 2009 (All day) to Jan 14 2009 (All day)

Canada’s oil sands are expected to be one of the largest global sources of future oil production growth in the next decade. Alberta’s oil sands deposits are estimated to contain 1.7 trillion barrels of bitumen in place (315 billion barrels recoverable using current technology) and are ranked as either the largest or second largest petroleum reserve in the world. Production from oil sands now well exceeds conventional production from Western Canada, and is expected to make up approximately 75% of total production by 2015. Canada is already the largest exporter of oil and petroleum products to the U.S., and over the next decade significant increases in oil sands derived production will supply an even larger percentage of America’s steadily increasing demand for oil. The last two years have seen an increased level of international interest / investment in the oil sands – predominantly from Asia and Europe. Although the outlook appears promising, the path forward still holds many challenges.

For the 6th annual Canadian Oil Sands Summit, Insight has assembled a roster of leading North American business and government leaders and experts who will provide their insights on the current state of play in oil sands development, emerging issues facing the industry, and what it takes to succeed in developing the oil sands resources.

Representatives from the project operators, engineering/construction firms reserve engineers and other industry consultants, government, key regulators and legal experts will look at recent developments, explain their roles, share their recent experience and give their views on the future. What impact will increasing concerns for continental security and North American energy strategies potentially have on oil sands development? What is the current climate from an industry perspective and what issues are facing oil sands developers? How is the industry preparing itself for full-scale development? What are the latest strategies being employed to address the industry’s recent history of continuing capital cost increases? Is oil pipeline export capacity an issue? How will oil sands production, which requires a significant amount of natural gas, deal with supply issues and high gas prices going forward? What are the latest emerging technologies and companies in the sector? How will current and future projects be impacted by emerging CO2 emissions regulations.

From a market perspective, will crude oil markets continue to be able to absorb the increased production? These and many more other questions will be addressed during the conference.

The presentations of panels will give you an in-depth analysis of these issues and give you an opportunity to express your own points of view, ask whatever questions might interest you and network with your colleagues in industry and Government.

You will be able to address your questions to the speakers either in each session or informally during breaks. All attendees will receive Conference materials, prepared by the speakers, which should be a lasting and valuable resource for you following the Conference.

Conference highlights include:

  • Production/Supply Outlook, Markets, Glut Risks, Rewards and Opportunities
  • Infrastructure Challenges
  • New Developments and Challenges – Producers Perspective
  • Oil Sands Projects: New Developments and Challenges
  • Manufacturing: Keys to a Successful Project
  • Meeting the Challenge of Developing Effective,
  • Sustainable Waste Management Solutions in Partnership with Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry
  • Oil Sands Investment Management
  • Connecting Energy Supplies to Markets
  • When Regional Oil Sands Issues Go Global
  • Managing Oil Sands Emissions
  • New Technologies Landscape