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Global Warming Cafe

Community Event
Nov 30 2008 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Community Climate Change organizes "Global Warming Cafés" which bring together people in neighbourhoods to share thoughts, feelings and strategies for personal and collective action. It is a forum and a 'vehicle' for connecting people and organizations that are concerned and want to do something.

Global Warming Café Purpose and Strategy

To mobilize a community response to climate change by helping people, in a 3-hour café, at tables of 5-9 persons, to:

  1. express and share their feelings and personal ideas, negative and positive (empowering), about climate change;
  2. take personal action in one or more of three areas
  • reducing carbon consumption;
  • promoting positive legislative and political change; and/or
  • engaging in personal spiritual or creative transformation
  • join or form a neighborhood team of 6 to 10 people, an Eco-team, that works together to take action on climate change. Eco-Team projects include such actions as reducing household or neighbourhood energy consumption, promoting legislative or political initiatives, and engaging in personal, spiritual, or creative work.
  • We invite individuals and organizations to grow and develop their understanding of the issues, and meet others to support their initiatives/activities through these forums. If you want to

    • share your ideas
    • actively reflect with others in your community
    • help introduce new people to climate change issues
    • find ways to take practical steps forward
    • help develop networks of engaged people
    • develop your own Café and need some help
    • become part of the Global Warming Café movement

    we encourage you to attend the next forum!