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Urban Sustainability: Designing Cities for Human Health and the Environment

Community Event
Oct 31 2008 - 1:30pm

Professor Julian Marshall, University of Minnesota

In 2008, for the first time in history, half of the global population will live in cities. Nearly all population growth this century is projected to occur in urban areas. This lecture will focus on urban air pollution to discuss steps we can take to ensure that the cities of tomorrow will be clean and healthy places to live.

Marshall will discuss three areas of his current research: approaches for incorporating health and environmental justice into air quality management; satellite-based evidence on the interplay between urban form and air quality; and walkability and air pollution in Vancouver neighborhoods.

Julian Marshall is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Minnesota. Marshall received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, and his Masters and PhD from the Energy and Resources Group at University of California Berkeley.

In addition to his faculty appointment in Civil Engineering, he is also an affiliated member of School of Environmental Health at University of British Columbia, and the following departments at University of Minnesota: Mechanical Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, and Environmental Health Sciences.