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BCSEA Victoria Chapter Meeting

Oct 20 2008 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Representatives from 3 municipalities and the CRD will answer 4 questions on their governments' energy policies. Each speaker will have 20 minutes for their presentation and a few questions. After 2 presentations we'll take a break for 10-15 minutes so that members can talk to each other, followed by the other 2 speakers. Once all 4 presentations have been made, there will be a further 15-20 minutes for general Q&As.

The speakers are:

Mark Boysen, Sustainability Coordinator, District of Saanich
Dean Fortin, former councillor and mayoral candidate, City of Victoria
Wayne Kalynchuck and Tracy Corbett, planners, Capital Regional District
Councillor Dave Sauders, chair, Colwood Planning and Zoning Cttee

The questions are:

With regard to energy conservation / energy efficiency / renewable energy in municipal government operations, and in the municipality as a whole:

  1. What are your municipality’s current policies?
  2. What concrete actions has your municipality taken to implement those policies?
  3. How has your municipality removed barriers to the efficient use of renewable energy and to energy conservation?
  4. What can the BCSEA do to support your municipality’s progress on sustainable energy policy and practice?