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Energy Schools Canada

External Event
Apr 14 2016 - 12:00pm

Renewable Energy sectors generally fall into 7 categories: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Ocean, Bio-energy, and Energy Efficiency. Education and Training opportunities also have several different categories, from industry courses, to NGO workshops, to full-term college and university degrees.

In addition to domestic enrollments, millions of students have come from around the World to study in Canada.  Its known as one of the best countries to get an education, while providing a fantastic opportunity to experience its diverse culture and natural beauty.

Wind Hunters is now building Energy Schools Canada, A Guide to Renewable Energy Education & Training. And we’re hosting a free webinar on Thursday April 14th, 12pm Pacific Standard Time, to show you what’s inside!

Fill in our contact form to register, name, email, and comment “Webinar”

On the 45 minute live webinar, which is free to attend, we will cover:

  • The most in-demand professions in the renewable energy industries around the World
  • The best transferable skills and experience from conventional energy and trades to renewable energy
  • An overview of college, university, and industry education options in Canada
  • A ‘teaser’ walk-through of the Energy Schools Canada 2.0 multi-media guide