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Sunshine to ¢ents: Net Metering in B.C.

Sep 20 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Join BCSEA for the latest in its exciting free webinar series, Sunshine to Cents: Net Metering in BC, on September 20th from 12 - 1pm PSTClick here to register!

In our last webinar we learned about the growing solar industry, the changes in solar PV technology, and took a glimpse into the future of solar power in BC. Solar power is growing exponentially across the globe as prices spiral downward. It's now more affordable than ever to own a solar PV system, but is it profitable? BCSEA invites you to delve into the nitty-gritty, dollars and cents of solar power, and come away with the knowledge and insight of how you can turn limitless solar into cents in your back pocket.

alevtina_small.jpgWe will be joined by none other than BC Hydro's own Net Metering Manager, Alevtina Akbulatova. Alevtina will discuss the nuances of net metering, solar stratas, how you can reduce your BC Hydro bill through solar - and make a profit! She will enlighten and elucidate on BC's net metering structure, the relationship between BC Hydro and net metering customers, and the many success stories of net metering in BC. Joining her for the Q&A session is BCSEA's own Policy Director Tom Hackney, who brings his extensive experience of BCUC commission proceedings to answer your questions on the wider net metering market in BC.

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