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Retention, re-use and retrofits: the role of existing buildings in carbon reduction, With speaker Jennifer Iredale

External Event
Mar 3 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

About the Event:

Our built environment has a staggering impact on greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of natural resources. In terms of land use and material extraction, the building and construction industry has the greatest environmental impact of any sector. Recent research has quantified that building reuse almost always yields fewer environmental impacts than new construction when comparing buildings of similar size and functionality. The urgent and immediate need to reduce carbon emissions makes the reuse of buildings an imperative. Jennifer Iredale will speak about some recent studies on this topic as well as a number of climate action initiatives in British Columbia and Canada to develop guidance, practical tools and incentives to encourage the retention, re-use and retrofits to existing and historic structures. 

About our speaker:

Jennifer Iredale has over 35 years in the field of heritage conservation in Canada, working primarily for the Province of BC. She was Director of the Heritage Branch from 2009-2015. She has been instrumental in leading provincial and national initiatives on heritage and environmental sustainability 
including forging partnerships and directing projects leading to the recognition that green rehabilitation existing buildings is a good climate action strategy. In 2009 she worked closely with the Cascadia Green Building Council to initiate the 'Green Rehabilitation and Sustainability Forums' across BC. This resulted in an Action Plan that informed continues to inform Provincial and Federal actions on heritage and sustainability.. Between 2012-2015 Jennifer chaired the Federal Provincial Territorial Historic Places Committee on Sustainability which is about to publish "Building Resilience - Practical Guidelines for the Sustainable Rehabilitation of Buildings in Canada". Jennifer is a Fellow of the Cascadia Green Building Council.