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Interested in a career in Energy Management or Energy Modeling?

External Event
Nov 27 2019 - 3:30pm

BCIT’s Energy Management Programs and Energy Modeling course

Energy Management is the practice of energy conservation, in short making sure that industry is only using the energy it needs while meeting the goals of comfort and production.

The Sustainable Energy Management Advanced Certificate (SEMAC) and Building Controls and Energy Management (BCEM) programs are completely online part-time studies programs.  These two programs consist of nine courses each (with four in common) that cover the technical aspects of energy management or controls along with the business aspects and human behavior aspects.  These holistic programs provide graduates with a well-rounded base for succeeding in the energy management and controls industries.

Community energy management (CEM) program shares strategies that encourages the traditional departments such as current and long-range planning, policy, operations, engineering, transportation, finance, and others to collaboratively save energy, emissions, and money across the community. 

Energy Modeling for Professionals CESA 7100 introduces the principles, procedures, and benefits of energy modelling to enable building professionals to incorporate energy modelling into the design process.

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