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Everyday Sustainable Energy Superheroes Exhibition

Chapter Event
Jan 14 2017 - 6:30pm to Mar 25 2017 - 5:00pm

The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association is proudly showcasing people who use sustainable energy resources and functions on a regular basis, in the Everyday Sustainable Energy Superheroes Exhibition. 

Taking place at the Kamloops Art Gallery’s Open Gallery from January 14th - March 25th, 2017, the free exhibition will feature public submissions that depict the incredible ways that people use energy sustainably in the household or business for such things as getting around, sourcing food, consumer behavior, managing (waste) resources, and general lifestyle choices. Submissions include different forms of energy generation and conservation, and cover the spectrum from old-fashioned to high-tech!

Artist Vaughn Warren’s recycled wood piece highlights how sustainability can be incorporated into the design phase in order to eliminate waste. 

“As an artist and fabricator, I can design manufacturing processes with an eye to what actual shape the waste will take. Surprising things happen when these considerations are part of the creative process."

Other submissions include photographs, paintings, collages, books, posters and more. 

“It is inspiring to see the array of submissions and the many ways that people in our community engage in sustainable energy behavior,” says project leader and BCSEA member James Gordon. “We hope people will be inspired by the exhibition and what others in the community are doing.”

The exhibition will also feature video interviews with locals who were nominated for their excellence in going above and beyond with their use of sustainable energy. The video interviews will be available on YouTube as well, so people can watch them anytime.

One such interview is of Sandra Burkholder and Chris Newton, a couple who built and are living in the Darfield Earthship - a modern homestead adventure. Pretty much every aspect of their lifestyle depicts sustainability, through the design and building of their home, to incorporating permaculture principles into their landscape and home with food growing and preservation, beekeeping, livestock and interacting with technology and energy to bring them to their goal of energy self-sufficiency.

The exhibition is open to the public whenever the Kamloops Art Gallery/TNRD Library building is open.