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Book Reading - The Big Swim: A Book to Start Climate Conversations

Apr 1 2015 - 7:00pm

Author and Vancouver Observer reporter Carrie Saxifrage will be sharing stories from her new book, The Big Swim, in Kamloops at Chapters Bookstore (1395 Hillside Drive) on April 1 at 7 pm.

The Big Swim confronts a growing unease felt by many, one that arises from the disconnect between our daily lives and the irrefutable evidence that it’s time to act on climate change. The Big Swim reconnects personal life with climate change through stories that are funny and touching. Saxifrage set out to write a book that people who aren’t interested in the issue would enjoy. As a result, some of her stories have less to do with climate change and more to do with life: the death of a parent, adventures in nature and a building project gone awry. Other stories face the predicament head on: how climate change affects identity, the benefits and losses of decarbonizing one’s life and perspectives that support resilience in the face of difficult knowledge. Every story invites awareness of our place in the magnificent and intricate biological world.

Psychology research gives numerous reasons why people are “wired” to ignore climate change. One reason is that climate change comes to us in facts and figures that don’t engage our emotional minds, the parts of our brains where we form our decisions to act. Research also provides the solution: stories engage the emotional mind. Tell stories. The Big Swim is a story about integrating the facts of climate change with the quest for meaning and joy. It invites everyone to jump in the ocean and get moving. 

"Serious adventure on a serious planet. This is the kind of thinking and living we need to engage in."
Bill McKibben, author of Oil and Honey, Eaarth, The End of Nature and other books.

"The Big Swim is a beautiful collection of stories about the biggest challenge of our time: How to live with ourselves in a world we are destroying. Carrie Saxifrage writes eloquently about the natural environment and humanity’s disruptive place within it. Her insightful blend of science and personal epiphanies will change the way you think."
Brian Paytonauthor of The Wind Is Not a River and Shadow of the Bear

“Wow. This moving book invites us to reconnect with own wildness, to submerge ourselves in creation and come out doused with the sweet nectar of being alive. Carrie Saxifrage speaks a beautiful language – precise, transformative, unafraid. Read this book. It will give you hope.”
Shaena Lambertauthor of Oh, My Darling and Radiance

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