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BCSEA Webinar: Silence in the Streets: The Future of Transport in B.C.

May 17 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Hot on the heels of our latest webinar, BCSEA is proud to announce the third of its exciting FREE Webinar Series - Silence in the Streets: The Future of Transport in B.C., with Director of Transportation with the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, Christina Ianniciello and small-scale EV infrastructure specialist, Jim Standen.


Electric Vehicles (EVs) have surged into British Columbia. Cheap, renewable hydroelectricity means that EVs can achieve their carbon-neutral status, but a shortage of charging stations, combined with BC's long commutes, has fuelled the range-anxiety in many potential EV owners.

Where though, will BC's electric vehicle infrastructure expand to next? How can small communities get on board with the EV revolution?

In this webinar we are proud to host Christina Ianniciello, Director of Transportation and Communities with the BC Ministry of Energy & Mines, founder of the Emotive Program and speaker at Energy Connections 2016. Christina will bring her extensive knowledge and insight into the province's growing EV infrastructure and the hurdles and successes that have brought us to where we are today. She will discuss the ramifications of a growing demand for electric cars, the government subsidies available to British Columbians and the expansion of BC's electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Christina is one of the leading figures in the electrification of BC's transportation; if anyone can provide a glimpse into the future of BC's roads, it's her!

As a perfect complement to Christina's province-wide scope, we are proud to bring you the passion, enthusiasm and hands-on knowledge of Jim Standen! Jim leads the charge for electrific vehicles on Salt Spring Island and is a long time member of Transition Salt Spring. With Transition Salt Spring, he has overseen the installation of the island's EV charging stations, without municipal support. An avid EV owner, Jim has educated and inspired many to purchase their own electric vehicles, leading Salt Spring Island to have 15 times the national average of EV owners. 

Together, Jim and Christina bring you the full range of electric vehicle knowledge. Join them and learn not only about the future of BC's transportation, but what you can do today. The webinar will end with a 30 minute Q&A session with Christina and Jim, where you can ask all of your burning electric vehicle questions.


There is no charge for this Webinar, but you must register to attend!

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