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BC Commuter Challenge

Community Event
Jun 4 2017 - 8:00am to Jun 10 2017 - 5:00pm

The goal of the BC Commuter Challenge is to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the roads in BC and make daily commuting healthier.

We would like those hardcore all-weather cyclists to participate just as much as the daily transit goer. But what we’re really hoping for is someone to change their routine for the week and maybe stick with it, even after the Challenge. We want those people who drive alone in a personal vehicle to try something new and consider making a lifelong change to their way of commuting!

Can I leave my car at home for just one week? Could I share my commute with a coworker? Do I really need a personal vehicle!? These are the things the Commuter Challenge should make you ask. When the dust settles and you’ve done your best, we’re hoping you’ve had an epiphany! 

Here’s one example, courtesy of Modo Ambassador Keane Gruending, of how letting go of a personal vehicle can make your commute easier. We hope it will inspire you to do the same!

"Carsharing makes the transition towards a multi-modal lifestyle easier.

Many car drivers have health, environmental, financial, or other reasons to want to get around more by walking, cycling, and transit. But a small number of monthly car trips often stand in the way of completely getting away from personal car ownership.

For those rainy crosstown meetings, picking up groceries, or heading to Grouse Mountain, a car is either an alluring option or an outright necessity. So a vehicle is often kept for a few monthly trips but—since most of the costs of car ownership are tied up in fixed costs and not the cost of an actual vehicle trip—it’s easy to justify using the car more and more.

That’s where carsharing comes in. For the people who can get away with walking, cycling, taking transit, or carpooling to work, carsharing can easily cover infrequent auto use. Personally, I bike to and from work every day, relying on Modo for meetings on Burnaby Mountain.

Without a car in the garage, I don’t have the expensive temptation to drive everywhere. But with a carsharing membership, I always have a vehicular option if I need it."

With the Challenge being only a week long it shouldn’t take too much time for commuters to plan and think about how they can better their commute. The Challenge begins June 4th so there’s plenty of time to scope out the bike route, coordinate a carpool and register for a carshare! Right now you can have $50 driving credit with Modo, using the promo code, bestcommute. Register for the BC Commuter Challenge here. Happy, safe commuting!