Jeffrey Phillips

Jeff Phillips
Dawson Strategic

Jeffrey Phillips is Managing Director of Dawson Strategic, a consulting company specializing in evidence-based research on trade, clean transportation, and digital policy issues. Jeff is an Associate with Granted Consulting, a Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and sits on the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Regional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.    

Prior to joining Dawson Strategic, Jeff worked at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for four years, first as a Policy Analyst in the Energy Sector and later as a Policy Advisor in the Deputy Minister’s Office.

Jeff holds an M.A. Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (Honours) from the Arthur Kroeger College at Carleton University.

Jeff is passionate about the outdoors, wildlife, and building a more sustainable planet. He currently volunteers on the Board of Directors of NSRide, North Vancouver’s largest mountain bike riding club.

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