Tim Barton

City of Vancouver

Tim believes that transportation has a critical role in creating places that are healthy, vibrant and sustainable. As a result, he is passionate about applying his skills, knowledge and experience to bring about positive change in how people move about and experience their community.

At the City of Vancouver, Tim leads both a transit team, as well as team considering future mobility options including ride hailing, autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service. Current key projects include working with TransLink to deliver a successful 41st Avenue B-Line, planning for a future downtown streetcar and preparing the city for ride hailing. Tim is also involved in a number of strategic transportation planning initiatives across the City, including providing strategic advice for major planning areas undergoing redevelopment to considering the City's future transportation requirements to support growth in a sustainable way.

Tim has over 15 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors and has worked in both the UK and Canada. He is an Engineering Licensee (Eng.L.) and sits on the Advisory Board for SFU's Next Generation Transportation Certificate.


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