Joe Sulmona

Sky Blue Sea Enterprises

Dr. Sulmona has a career that spans a wide range of innovative public-private partnerships, with a strong track-record in leading multi-disciplinary teams. Joe’s expertise includes business strategy, infrastructure and land-use planning, together with public administration, commercial development, advocacy, project management, stakeholder engagement, training, as well as having a long-history of community service. Early on Joe led the first MasterPlan for the award-winning Vancouver International Airport (YVR) that successfully positioned the airport as an Asia-Pacific Gateway. Subsequently, Dr. Sulmona was seconded to the Province of British Columbia to lead various transportation planning initiatives, including the province’s first High-Occupancy Vehicle Plan, introduction of a road Tolling strategy, and of great personal importance the advancement of public-safety design as a decision-criteria for any provincially funded projects. Joe then became responsible for urban and transport planning for the City of Coquitlam, one of Canada's fastest growing cities. In this role, Joe led development of the first Citywide Official Community Plan, together with the first Transportation Strategic Plan. These efforts also involved planning for the now completed Evergreen Rapid Transit Line to ensure this investment best served the City’s urban development goals. Today, Dr. Sulmona continues to be involved with globally oriented transportation project development together with training of professionals in the field of transportation planning; while he also leads urban development planning projects in the Metro Vancouver area, in addition to continuing with academic research at the University of British Columbia.


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