Betsy Agar

Founding Member of Renewable Cities, Research Manager and Dialogue Convenor

In her current role, Betsy oversees Renewable Cities’ research, collaborates with global colleagues working to accelerate the growing 100% renewable energy movement, and designs engaging dialogues aimed at exposing barriers to implementation. Betsy joined Carbon Talks in 2013 and is a founding team member of Renewable Cities. She holds a Professional Engineers of Ontario license and a Masters in Applied Science (McMaster), both of which trained her in skills she now applies in her work at the SFU Centre for Dialogue by helping practitioners, policy decision-makers, and communities capitalize on energy efficiency returns.


Notable projects include:

May 2016 (in press) “Is 100% Renewable Energy in Cities Possible?” Co-author, State of the World 2016,  Worldwatch Institute

November 2015, Kassel International Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy; Facilitator

May 2015, Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum; Tech lead and Co-facilitator

June 2014 Increasing energy efficiency in BC’s built environment; Dialogue Convenor

Bringing her building science expertise together with her love of old cities, Betsy views rehabilitation as an opportunity to make urban ‘ecosystem’ sustainable and anchor a community’s sense of place.


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