energy connections 2017

Michael Pullinger

Principal at Energy Revolution Services

Michael Pullinger has been devoted to sustainability since before the turn of the millennium. His nascent interest in environmental issues was nurtured through involvement in campaigns to protect the bushland and rainforest surrounding his childhood home in Tasmania, Australia.

Michael has worked in sustainable energy since graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering and environmental geography in 2006. He has been involved in projects ranging from energy modelling, mechanical design, energy retrofits, hydropower, biogas, wind, and solar. In his spare time, he completed postgraduate degrees in electrical engineering and renewable energy and served four years on the BCSEA Board, including two as Chair.

Michael now runs Energy Revolution Services, a firm dedicated to the transformation of our energy system. Energy Revolutions Services helps identify, plan, manage and implement renewable and energy efficiency opportunities for communities, facility operators, innovators and developers.

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