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Jeff Weston

President & CEO, TC Thermenex Inc.

Jeff Weston, P.Eng, President and CEO of TC Thermenex Inc. is an engineering graduate of UBC with 30 years of mechanical contractor experience. His approach to practical sustainable building solutions led to the invention of Thermenex, a worldwide patented thermal energy exchange system for buildings and neighborhoods that is based on reuse of thermal energy targeting zero thermal waste.

Jeff is passionate about changing the global approach to HVAC design for large facilities and districts. By going back to first principles, he changed his fundamental thinking about building HVAC. Buildings are underutilized thermal resources. Jeff stopped designing HVAC systems and instead focused on the design and fabrication of low exergy thermal energy management systems that satisfy building HVAC requirements. The results have been the most energy efficient buildings with the fewest GHG emissions in their class, including 6 UBC projects. 

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