energy connections 2017

Ben West

Founder of the Great Climate Race

As an environmental campaigner, I have spent most of my adult life organizing countless events. Most of them have prominently featured people holding signs that said “stop” this or “no” to that. For the first time the signs I was surrounded by said “go” instead of “Stop!” It was so simple yet so profound. From that point on I knew there was something special happening in the running community. It was amazing to watch all the volunteers and participants joined enthusiastically by their friends and family coming together to support good causes and one another.

My partner Mari and I founded The Great Climate Race because we see a great opportunity to make a difference. Addressing climate change seems insurmountable but we believe the positivity, compassion and determination of the running community is a force to be reckoned with.

brochure for 2017 Energy Connections by BCSEA

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