Suzanne Goldberg

Director of Research and Outreach at SFU

Suzanne Goldberg is the Director of Research and Outreach, and an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University’s Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START). START is a research centre focused on supporting sustainable shifts in Canada’s transportation systems via interdisciplinary research that examines the markets, consumers, technologies and policies of decarbonized transportation systems. Her expertise is in the evaluation and communication of energy and climate policies and technology deployment, and in the development of surveys. Suzanne’s current research focuses on the market potential for electric vehicles and its associated infrastructure and policy, as well as the grid impacts of electric vehicles and “smart charging”.  Prior to joining START Suzanne modeled professionally for 6 years, mainly modeling energy and climate policies, first as a Research Associate at Mark Jaccard and Associates, and then as a Partner at Navius Research. Suzanne started her career in the carbon trading market in Toronto, and made her way out West in 2006, and has been a proud Vancouverite for the past 10 years.

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