Chris Higgins

Green Building Planner with the City of Vancouver

Chris works with the City of Vancouver as a Green Building Planner and his work is focused on making energy efficient building codes that help to achieve Vancouver’s 100% renewable goal. Chris also works on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through rezoning policy for new buildings and creating incentives for existing homes. Prior to working with the city, Chris worked with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) ( Chris helped develop the Canadian standard, launch a national network of service organizations and when he departed the LEED Canada for Homes program had thousands of Certified homes.

Prior to working with the CaGBC Chris was the New Store Planning and Project Manager for Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). At MEC he managed and assisted in the construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation of MEC’s green building stock for a number of years.

Chris grew up in Newfoundland before moving to British Columbia where he has resided for the last 16 years. Chris has a keen interest in how the built environment affects the natural environment and enjoys exploring this through his work.

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