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Energy Info

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is dedicated to the education of British Columbians on both the benefits and the scientific research behind sustainable energy. BCSEA’s vision of a sustainable energy future is founded in scientific data and proven field experience, through our partner associations and the research taken place in global contemporary scientific studies.

It is the BCSEA’s responsibility as a leading educator in sustainable energy alternatives to bring the knowledge and research conducted globally to the attention and understanding of British Columbians. With that in mind, we have developed our Energy Information page.

This area of our website contains a vast wealth of respected and up to date information on the sustainable energy alternatives that British Columbia is capable of benefitting enormously from, with the right investment and leadership.

Click the links below to learn about the three biggest sectors in British Columbia's sustainable energy industry.

British Columbia has a number of active and potential sources of renewable energy. From PV panels harnessing the power of the sun to turbines among the turbulent tides, the solutions to a carbon free way of living are all around us.
Most of us know that clean energy production is only part of the solution to combating climate change. BC is now taking its first steps to developing an emissions free transportation infrastructure. Whatever way you look at it, gas is in the past.
Housing is a huge contributor to CO2 emissions. However, there are alternatives to standard forms of housing and living spaces. BCSEA brings you the solutions to inefficient and costly housing.