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Energy Conservation


The Energy Conserving Home

Energy Saving Home Tour 

Thriving on Low Carbon - Marc Rosenbaum blog  

Apartment tenants energy saving tips 

The Interactive House 

A New Tool for Electricity Saving


Home Energy Assessment and Labeling

City Green Solutions http://citygreen.ca

Energuide Rating for New Homes 

Find a Home Energy Assessment Organization in your area 


Grants and Incentives in BC

Home Energy Efficiency Grants 


Fortis BC Efficiency Programs

Energy Conservation Assistance Program 

Energy Saving Kit 

Energy Star Water Heaters 

Home Energy Upgrade Offer 

Saving Energy 


BC Hydro Power Smart Programs

BC Hydro’s Power Smart program 

Power Smart for Builders and Developers 

Power Smart for Municipalities 

Power Smart for Residential customers 



Top Ten LED Lights 



Air Source Heat Pumps 

Heat Pumps - Wikipedia 

Lennox Heat Pumps 



Efficient Windows Collaborative 

Top 5 Energy-Efficient Windows 

Which Energy-Efficient Windows are Best for an Eco-Home? (UK) 



Energy Efficient Products

Energy Star - Most Efficient Appliances 

How many kwh does your fridge and water heater use per day? (Forum) 

Kill A Watt Meter at Home Depot 

Measure your appliance power use - The Kill A Watt Meter 

Top Ten Clothes Washers 

Top Ten Computers 

Top Ten Desktop Monitors 

Top Ten Dishwashers 

Top Ten Electric Water Heaters 

Top Ten Freezers 

Top Ten Gas Water Heaters 

Top Ten Laptops 

Top Ten Refrigerators 

Top Ten Televisions 

Use Your Home Energy Appliances More Wisely (David Suzuki Foundation) 


Business and Industry Efficiency Programs

BC Hydro Power Smart programs for business 

Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation 

Fortis Programs for Business and Industry 

Power Smart Express 

Power Smart Express Incentives for Businesses and Organizations 

Strategies to Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency 



Alliance to Save Energy (US) 

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy 

Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance  

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 


Best Policies

2014 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard 

25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations (IEA, 2011) 

Energy Efficiency Policy in the United States 

Energy Efficiency Program Best Practices (US) 

New report shows energy conservation is best value for our dollar 

State Efficiency Policies (US)