Energy Connections 2019

BC's Energy Future: Now and the Next 5 Years

Vancouver | September 20, 2019

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Energy Connections 2019

The Clean BC plan, rolled out by the government in fall 2018 has ambitious long-term emission reduction targets to 2030. But what does this mean for British Columbia now? In its fourth year, Energy Connections 2019 will investigate BC’s current energy policies and practices, and what this means for initiating significant long-term emission reductions. Discussion topics include Transportation Transformations, the State of Fuels, Energy Efficiency and Grid Modernization.

Energy Connections 2019 will bring together policy makers, researchers, innovation leaders, educators, and industry experts to connect, collaborate and engage for the progress of BC’s sustainable energy solutions.

Read about last year's Energy Connections insights in our 2018 Summary Report.


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