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Energy Connections 2017 Speaker Presentations

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Opening Plenary

The Program and Policy Landscape

Session 1: Representatives from government spoke to the current energy and climate plans, funding programs, incentives and initiatives that set the stage for community action.

Renewable Energy Success Stories

Session 2: We are seeing innovations, actions and leadership coming from community groups, municipal and regional governments and the small business community. Speakers provided stories of success on innovative energy generation projects.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Success Stories

Session 3: Where has it worked and how has it been done? Speakers provided stories of success on sustainable and innovative energy efficiency, and conservation projects.

​Building Your Community of Action

Session 4: Steps and ideas on how to build collective interest and financial support for sustainable energy projects.

  • Ben West, Great Climate Race
  • Kai Nagata, Dogwood Initiative
  • Christine Carter, Bullfrog Power