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Electric Vehicles

While battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are more expensive to purchase, their operating cost is only 20% of that of an equivalent ICE vehicle, due to the low cost of electricity compared to gasoline or diesel fuel, and the much less maintenance requirements for an electric motor. Furthermore, every year the cost of a BEVs goes down, due to reduced battery costs, and there are government subsidies for BEV purchases to make them more affordable.

EVs have nearly instant torque, translating to incredibly fast acceleration, making them fun to drive.  And their engines produce almost no noise.

EVs are also to some extent self-charging, using the car’s kinetic energy to charge the battery through regenerative braking.

In the past the issues surrounding EVs have been related to their range and charging, due to battery limitations and the lack of fast-charging infrastructure. Fortunately, many new fast charging stations are now available throughout BC, with more to come, and batteries are improving every year.  For a map of current fast charging stations.