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Electric Vehicles

Sayonara, Brmm Brmm!

With no noise, little maintenance, no gears, a fifth to a tenth of the cost to run, great acceleration, zero emissions, no money to the oil industry, all the normal amenities, and a delight to drive…what’s not to like for shorter trips? And longer ones too, if it’s a Tesla.

“In early 2012, there were almost 100,000 plug-in cars on the world’s roads. A year later, there were 200,000 vehicles. To date, there are now an estimated 405,000 electric cars globally, with the magic 400,000 barrier crossed some time late in 2013 or early 2014. If this trend continues, we’ll see more than 1 million electric plug-in cars on the roads by 2016.”

If the doubling continues… well you can do the math.

It’s Official: Electric Car Sales Have Doubled Every Year For Three Years

Electric Vehicles in BC

In Quebec, you can get $8,000 on the purchase or lease of an EV; $8,500 in Ontario, and now in BC, $5,000 - click here for details. The $7.5 million budget will last until it runs out: is enough for between 800 and 1500 EVs, so don't delay!


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