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The Transit Referendum - Did You Get Around to Voting?

Ballots are on their way for the Metro-Vancouver Transit Referendum.

BCSEA is a proud partner of Better Transit & Transportation - a coalition of organizations pushing for a YES vote to ensure a community with better transit and improved transportation infrastructure.

We have developed Our Ten Best Reasons for Voting YES in the Transportation Referendum to illustrate why voting YES means you will be voting for a better future


Pledge your YES vote.

By expressing your pledge to vote, you are helping grow the movement of committed YES voters. www.bettertransit.info/pledge

Step it up and make a difference. 

If you are interested in volunteering to help the YES campaign, visit www.bettertransit.info/volunteer .

Stand up and show your support.

Join your voice with others at the upcoming Better Transit & Transportation Coalition Rally and Reception - April 1, 2015. This FREE event will feature speakers representing the 140+ NGOs and community groups standing up for better mobility in the region. Learn more... 

Take a quick refresher course.

The Facts: http://www.bettertransit.info/get_the_facts

Starting April 1st, check the interim ballot returns.




A big High Five to the UBC A Cappella Club! Have you see their rendition of the Beach Boys “I Get Around?”

If not, treat yourself to a smile, all in support of the YES vote.