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Cycling in BC is not only economically viable, but it’s fun! Vancouver and Victoria both have numerous well-built and maintained cycle routes throughout the cities.

With the amount of traffic congestion in these cities, it’s often easier, and quicker to get around by bike than by car or taking a taxi. And of course, it’s cheaper! Not to mention you’re generating zero emissions and getting exercise while doing it.  Click here to see the many cycling routes across BC.

Another great cycling option which is becoming more and more popular are electric bikes.  This very comprehensive post is chock-full of information about electric bikes and biking.* While more expensive than regular bikes, they make regular use feasible for people with mobility challenges, and they also come in more varieties, including cargo e-bikes. The BC government recently exempted e-bike purchases from PST to encourage more people to buy them. For a discussion of the potential for e-bikes to help create a sustainable energy future click here.

*BCSEA does not have the capacity to evaluate any claims made about specific products on any non-BCSEA page.  BCSEA recommends that you thoroughly research any product before purchasing it