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Young Climate Heroes Win Pizza Party

Robert Wisla
Sunday, July 19, 2015
Ms. Bouwmeester's class celebrates their success with Councilor Christian

Big congratulations to the winners of this year’s Climate Change Showdown from the Kamloops Chapter of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association.

 Ms. Joy Bouwmeester's Grade 3-4 class of Beattie Elementary was the top scoring class in Kamloops, winning out over a dozen other schools for the top prize - a pizza party in the company of Councilor Ken Christian on behalf of the mayor. 

The students learned about climate change in class and then worked on contest actions with their families over a four-week period.  They reduced greenhouse gas emissions through eating local foods, turning down the thermostat, taking shorter showers and turning off the lights. The top scoring student, Amera Alam, said “I want to save the world and make it so the world isn’t destroyed.” 

When asked why she wanted her class to participate in the Climate Change Showdown Bouwmeester replied, “The environment is a personal passion.  I want to keep the planet as beautiful as it is right now for future generations.”   About her class Bouwmeester said, “I’m so, so proud of them.” 

BCSEA offers the Climate Change Showdown program to grades 4 through 7 students throughout British Columbia.  Here in Kamloops, the program is done in partnership with the City of Kamloops.  For information about the program, see http:/www.bcsea.org/climate-change-showdown.