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Okanagan Chapter Turns Heads with their Electric Vehicle Floats!

Tom Bennett
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

For the third time running, BCSEA Okanagan entered into the Vernon Winter Fair Parade this year. With this year's theme being Mardi Gras, they turned heads with their floats of 8 electric vehicles and their costumes, decked out in beads, glitz and glam.


Not to sway from their objective though, the Okanagan chapter held the BCSEA banner high and educated onlookers with signs promoting the use of electric vehicles. Watchers enjoyed the portable fueling station, which was towed along by a makeshift wagon and used to 'fuel' the cars during the course of the parade. Everyone, from spectators to other parade-goers, benefitted from a whole 8 cars emitting not a whiff of exhaust as they made their way down the long route through downtown Vernon.


It was a beautiful day, with gorgeous winter sunshine and thousands of people came out to watch the parade and more looked on from buildings above the road. A huge thank you to the 19 participants of BCSEA Okanagan's floats and for showing just how good electric vehicles are for people's health, the environment and ultimately, all of us.