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Sam Torrance

After 10 years at Board level with the Cowichan Bio Diesel Co-op and Cowichan Energy Alternatives, Sam is now free to direct those energies (pun intended) to the BCSEA. He is a proud owner of an EV (solar charged assisted) and a Veggie Oil mobile. He is focused on positive communication and he will bring his connections as a semi-pro musician and band leader to the BCSEA cause.


Denise Stocco

Denise is a founding member of the BCSEA Victoria Chapter.  She is a passionate would be planet saviour and she doesn’t give up.  She is a mother, a delighted grandmother, a former educator, passionate reader and gardener.  She likes to put her hands in the dirt - so to speak - and to get things done efficiently and well.  In her professional life she worked on and delivered programs of studies for schools, and created classroom resources.  She organized and delivered local and national workshops and conferences.  As a volunteer she is involved with several local small non profit organizati

Robin Lowry

Robin Lowry is a semi-retired physician, Internist/Nephrologist who engaged in basic research in renal & transplantation immunology for over 20 years. He is also well read in the field of environmental toxicology and has an enduring interest in combatting climate change. In the coming year he will be greatly curtailing northern clinics which will allow him greater opportunities to further engage in BCSEA initiatives.

Solar on a Strata - 2015 Summary

Chart showing PV electrical output for 2015
Still a bit ahead of predicted output

Note: This is another entry in the 'Solar on a Strata' blog series

This chart summarises electricity output for each month of 2015, starting with when we turned on the system June 11. 

BCSEA Victoria Chapter Yuletide Social

Fifty BCSEA and Dogwood Initiative supporters gathered at The Oaks, celebrated our 2015 achievements and built energy for some great collaborations in 2016. Thanks to BCSEA volunteer Sam Torrance for the mellow cajun sound of Bijoux du Bayou that set a warm tone to the evening, despite the soggy weather. Mark January 7th in your calendars: our AGM will feature words from Kai Nagata, Dogwood campaigner extraordinaire, to set us in the right direction.

BCSEA Victoria joins "The People's Spark" Climate Rally

The BCSEA banner was prominent at the "The People's Spark” rally on November 29th on the steps and front lawn of the BC Legislature in Victoria, intended to ignite climate action at COP21 along with 350.org events happening around the world.

The BCSEA Annual General Meeting

Members of BCSEA gathered for the AGM.

On November 28th the Chateau Victoria, in the provincial capital, played host to over 50 delegates of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA). 

COP 21: Thinking globally and acting locally

The COP 21 Convention on Climate Change in Paris this December could be one of the great turning points in history.

Compelling Vision, Exceptional Partnerships and Skookum Volunteers

2015 Victoria Candidates Debates on Energy, Climate and Our Future

BCSEA Victoria Chapter held a summer retreat in 2014 to determine a project for all of 2015 that would unify, inspire and motivate people to action. We unanimously agreed to work on the proposal submitted to explore all major areas related to federal policy on Climate Change up to and including the 2015 Federal Election Campaign.