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B.C. businesses support a stronger carbon tax

More than 160 B.C. businesses have signed the following open letter calling on the B.C. government to commit to strengthening the province’s carbon tax as part of the Climate Leadership Plan, due out this spring.

Clean Energy through Communities with BC Hydro's Micro-SOP Program

Last month in downtown Vancouver, BC took a modest step toward what could expand into a significant community renewable energy program.


BC Hydro unveiled what it calls its Micro- Standing Offer Program, or Micro-SOP to a room full of independent power developers, first nations representatives and energy policy people.

BCSEA's Climate Leadership Plan Recommendations

BCSEA's 5 recommendations for a strong Climate Leadership Plan

BCSEA's recommendations ensure a government that is committed to combatting climate change, one that revives B.C.'s status as a Climate Leader. We urge British Columbians to give their input. The Government has extended the deadline for public consultation until noon on April 8th.

Give the B.C. Government your input by clicking here.


BCSEA Victoria Webinar Pub Event!

image2.jpgBCSEA Victoria Chapter held an amazing Webinar Viewing Event at the Canoe Pub in Victoria.

Fun with numbers: Shaking the fossil fuel addiction

There has been a lot in the news recently about the need to address climate change and reduce our carbon emissions, in BC, in Canada and around the world.

Electricity is in the air, and on the roads

Battery powered electric vehicles are a hot topic in British Columbia.

BCSEA Victoria Chapter AGM

The Victoria AGM was held on January 7, 2016.

Ali Grovue, BCSEA Executive Director, kicked off the meeting describing the overall provincial status of BCSEA, and the connection to the local chapters. Marion Pape, Chair of the Victoria Chapter, then gave an overview of last year's work and introduced the 2016 steering committee. Denise Stocco then gave a short-but-sweet overview of the finances for Victoria Chapter.

Journey to the Future Book Launch

BCSEA Victoria chapter hosted the book launch for Guy Dauncey’s new work of fiction “Journey to the Future” on January 23, 2016, in James Bay.


Sam Torrance

After 10 years at Board level with the Cowichan Bio Diesel Co-op and Cowichan Energy Alternatives, Sam is now free to direct those energies (pun intended) to the BCSEA. He is a proud owner of an EV (solar charged assisted) and a Veggie Oil mobile. He is focused on positive communication and he will bring his connections as a semi-pro musician and band leader to the BCSEA cause.


Denise Stocco

Denise is a founding member of the BCSEA Victoria Chapter.  She is a passionate would be planet saviour and she doesn’t give up.  She is a mother, a delighted grandmother, a former educator, passionate reader and gardener.  She likes to put her hands in the dirt - so to speak - and to get things done efficiently and well.  In her professional life she worked on and delivered programs of studies for schools, and created classroom resources.  She organized and delivered local and national workshops and conferences.  As a volunteer she is involved with several local small non profit organizati