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BCSEA – Victoria Chapter – 2020 BC general election

October 9, 2020
Tom Hackney, Policy Advisor for BCSEA

Many of BC’s political leaders are already talking about promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

An important next step in this election is to get clearer policies from candidates to decarbonize our energy use, with specific commitments for the next four years.

The Victoria Chapter has teamed up with For Our Kids, For Our Grandkids, and Parents 4 Climate to send five questions to local candidates:

Victoria Chapter Update September 2020

COVID-19 is still keeping the Victoria Chapter from many of its usual activities, as we act to keep safe and help limit the spread of the virus.

But we are monitoring sustainable energy action in our neighbourhood, for example: 

July 23 - Group Watch Report

July 23rd Group Watch – report

Victoria Chapter - Update on Government Action

Happy new year from the Victoria Chapter team!

Our first event for 2020 will be an update on government action to cut transportation emissions. Dan Clancy from the Clean Transportation Branch will address Zero-Emission Vehicles, the Clean Energy Vehicle Program and the Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive Program. Get the inside scoop and ask questions.

Lisa Kadonaga

Lisa is a sessional instructor in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria and has also taught at Camosun College.  She received an undergraduate degree from McMaster University, a MSc from the University of Guelph and a PhD from University of Victoria.  She has studied and taught about the impacts of climate change and adaption and mitigation strategies, since the 1980's.  Her interests include disaster planning and community resilience; cultural perceptions of changing environments; and the relationships between food production, environmental conditions and local customs.

Victoria Chapter 2018 News


Hello BCSEA members!

We welcome new Steering Committee members, September Smith, Yaqiong Wang and Scott Mellett. And we thank Eleri Davies, Jesse Fraser and Larissa Stendie, who are stepping down – our volunteers make it all happen!

Yaqiong Wang

Yaqiong Wang is a Research Associate at Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium. She has been working on an analysis of BC’s climate variability and is currently working on producing updated climate design data. Yaqiong holds a MSc. in Geography from the University of Victoria. She received her BSc. in Atmospheric Science from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology in China.