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Paul Rasmussen

Paul has been a member of the Victoria Chapter Steering Committee for 6 years and has contributed to a number of BCSEA initiatives including Changing Gears, the federal and provincial election debates, and the current 100% Renewable South Vancouver Island initiative. Paul holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with strong industry experience, and is interested in applying his technical skills to contribute to the transition to sustainable energy.

Bruce Mackenzie

Bruce has been involved with BCSEA since 2004, and assisted on our past Webinars. He has a passion for energy and a fear of climate change, so his involvement in BCSEA is a way to distract himself from thinking too much about the future. His formal training is in Information Technology, and he has long experience with Geographic Information Systems. He also led the “Installation of Solar PV System on a Strata” project: www.bcsea.org/solar-on-strata.

Tom Hackney

Tom is an energy policy specialist and the BCSEA’s Policy Advisor. He helped to found BCSEA in 2003. He leads BCSEA’s interventions before the BC Utilities Commission, where BCSEA advocates for more energy conservation and renewable energy from BC’s utilities, and for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Tom is especially interested in stimulating society and government to make the big shift off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy. He has degrees in science and architecture.

BCSEA Victoria Chapter Speakers Series

2014 - 2015

BCSEA Victoria Chapter will be hosting a series of six talks on key energy issues facing Canada, including an all-candidates meeting.