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Can Vancouver *Really* Become a 100% Renewable Energy City?

In March, motivated by the climate crisis, Vancouver City Council took the bold step of declaring that Vancouver would become a 100% Renewable Energy City, obtaining 100% of its energy from renewable sources, and asked its staff to get back to them by fall with a clear articulation of the date by when it might be feasible. The city's staff, in turn, are seeking the public's input, using the hashtag #VAN100RE.

The Transit Referendum - Did You Get Around to Voting?

Ballots are on their way for the Metro-Vancouver Transit Referendum.

BCSEA is a proud partner of Better Transit & Transportation - a coalition of organizations pushing for a YES vote to ensure a community with better transit and improved transportation infrastructure.

BCSEA Vancouver's Electric Vehicle Fair 2015

April 24, 2015 at Telus World of Science

BCSEA Vancouver and VEVA are happy to announce the return of our annual fun, engaging, and family friendly electric vehicle fair - EVF 2015!