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Selina Liu

My name is Selina, and I work at an Energy Efficiency Consulting Company, called SES Consulting. I’m deeply interested and passionate in energy, and its impact on the world. I organize the annual Women in Sustainable Energy Networking event.  

Erin Quon

With my BSc in Civil Engineering, experience in business and project management, and engineering design on marine renewable energy, construction, mining, and infrastructure projects, I strive to make positive contributions to society and improve the planet for future generations. I love working with the motivated, caring people of the BCSEA as we navigate a path to a more sustainable future together.


Annabelle Wong

Annabelle started volunteering with the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter since July 2017 where she is now the Pub Night and Networking Event Coordinator. She has a background in chemistry and is currently a Research Scientist at Nano One Materials Corp., developing cost-effective lithium-ion battery materials. She joined the BCSEA to learn more about the environmental sustainability initiatives in BC, meet like-minded individuals, and play an active role in transitioning our province to a more sustainable one.

Pranshu Shelat

I am an engineer with a degree in Mechatronics design and am passionate in the areas of sustainable energy and living. I’m an advocate for developments and practices that allows us to keep more and more areas of nature untouched and preserve them. These include densification, car-sharing, renewable energy, energy efficiency and so on.


Arman Mottaghi


Arman Mottaghi M.A.Sc, B.Sc.

I studied Urban Engineering before directing my attention towards Building Engineering in my Master’s, where I studied energy models and their use cases for buildings. This experience enabled me to pursue my career as a co-founder of Lambda Science Inc. developing the building energy efficiency software StepWin.