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Okanagan Chapter

At our last Okanagan Chapter meeting members reflected on  progress made over the last decade to reduce our carbon footprints. In 2010, we were promoting efficiency in vehicles (hybrids), building efficiency, sustainable energy, and more. Today, we notice the increased number of EV’s in the interior, Net Zero buildings, more sustainable energy technology choices, and commitment from numerous districts throughout the region making mandatory lower carbon footprint targets for 2030 and 2050. The needs are changing for our communities, individuals, and members.  

Okanagan Chapter News

As the pandemic continues to subside, your Okanagan Chapter returns with renewed energies. On July 8, our steering committee met to analyze and direct our next year and actively seek voices to join our cause. This next year is looking full of life!

We have heard of many sustainable energy advances that have occurred this past year and are eager to explore success stories around the energy solutions we need.

Vernon EV Caravan

On May 29, BCSEA Okanagan Chapter in partnership with the Sustainable Environment Network Society (SENS) coordinated a successful EV event in Vernon!  Terry Dyck, Co-chair, Okanagan Chapter, (photo), and many participants had a fun Saturday morning caravaning through the streets of Vernon followed by some group sharing of information.  Watch the video here!