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Kamloops: Municipal Election Resources

We support the goal of Kamloops Vote 50 to increase our local voter turnout to 50% from a paltry 29%, so we have some resources here that will hopefully make it easier for people to check out individual candidates. Did you know that Kamloops has challenged Prince George and Kelowna for bragging rights on voter turnout this year? Let’s make sure that Kamloops wins that one – bring a friend (or 2 or 3!) to the polls on November 15.

Rob Purdy

Senior Advisor, First Nations Relations for the provincial government.  Interested in sustainable living and outdoor recreation including kayaking, hiking and back country skiing.

Inside the People's Climate March

by Gisela Ruckert and Cheryl Kabloona

Two of BCSEA’s Kamloops members were in New York recently for the People's Climate March on September 21. They decided they would write about their experience in a two-person format so readers can hear from both of them.

How did you decide to go to New York for the March?

Cheryl Kabloona

Cheryl Kabloona's background includes living in the Arctic as a young woman and a career in Kamloops with BC Lottery Corporation. She holds a Masters in Anthropology from UCLA and has had post-secondary education in accounting and project management.  Since retiring, she has been active with the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s Kamloops Chapter since 2007.  Her work on climate action is inspired by her grown daughters and five grandchildren.  She enjoys hiking and has a keen interest in Canada's Arctic and First Nations.

Climate Change Showdown Awards

The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter is happy to announce that the Jennifer Sjokvist /Rose Grace Grade 4 class at St. Ann’s Academy has won the top class score in Kamloops this year! On Tuesday June 10, the students and their teachers attended the Kamloops City Council meeting and were recognized for their achievement. They’ll celebrate with a pizza party in class next week.