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Kamloops Looking to Lead the Way in Vehicle Efficiency


This story was an April Fool's Day spoof, as you may have guessed! We were lucky that Mayor Milobar and CAO Mr. Trawin approved its distribution and the story was carried by Mel Rothenburger and Kamloops This Week.




April 1, 2014, Kamloops – Kamloops drivers are going to be required to add an additional piece of equipment to their vehicles this year as part of the City’s push to meet the goals laid out in its Sustainable Kamloops Plan, according to David Trawin, Chief Administrative Officer. As of July 1st, 2014, all vehicles owned by City residents will be required to display an efficiency identifier, a sign showing that vehicle’s fuel efficiency on the back window.

The Case for Better Transit

We have an update to this story, as of March 25 when Kamloops City Council made their budget decisions. BCSEA Kamloops is delighted to report that the proposed transit enhancements were approved! The decision was just one vote short of being unanimous. Improvements will be effective September 1, 2015: for regular transit there will be 3 new buses and 6000 additional service hours, and for custom transit (HandyDart) there will be 1 new bus and 2500 additional service hours.

We're very proud of our City Council for their vision and dedication to providing a strong transit system. Kamloops leads all BC cities of our size in having the best hours of service, ridership and cost recovery. Council has continued their tradition of making smart transit decisions.

Thank you!

And here's the letter that we submitted prior to the budget decision.

Kamloops Chapter

In July, two of the Kamloops steering committee members attended EV Ready, a virtual workshop hosted by the City of Kamloops Sustainability Department.  The meeting was initiated as a first step to implement the 8 Big Moves identified in the recently adopted Community Climate Action Plan.  The objective was to bring city planners, department leads, and vested community representatives such as developers, realtors, contractors, building managers, and climate activists t