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BCSEA's Climate Leadership Plan Recommendations

BCSEA's 5 recommendations for a strong Climate Leadership Plan

BCSEA's recommendations ensure a government that is committed to combatting climate change, one that revives B.C.'s status as a Climate Leader. We urge British Columbians to give their input. The Government has extended the deadline for public consultation until noon on April 8th.

Give the B.C. Government your input by clicking here.


Call for Applications: BCSEA Board of Directors

Applications due October 15, 2015

BCSEA invites members in good standing to apply for a seat on our Board of Directors.

Rooftop Solar Cost Competitive with the Grid in Much of the U.S.

Creative Commons, Mike Baker

December 1, 2014
Scientific American
Can solar power compete with fossil fuels?

Deutsche Bank says that solar electricity in the US is on track to be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in all but three states by 2016—assuming that the federal government maintains the 30% solar investment tax credit it currently offers homeowners on installation and equipment costs.

But even if the credit is reduced to 10%, solar power would still achieve price parity with conventional electricity in some 36 states by 2016.

Canada does not have a solar tax credit. 

Earth Hour

Mar 26 2011 - 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Cancun Can - and Cancun Did

It was a big surprise to everyone, since the delegates arriving at the big UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, did so with such low hopes.

A year ago, they left Copenhagen feeling defeated, worried that the whole multilateral global approach to tackling climate change was doomed to failure.

A year went by. Unprecedented floods, fires and heat-waves came and went, exactly as the science of climate change predicted. The climate-deniers’ confidence that climate change was a conspiratorial fraud grew in leaps and bounds. In November, Americans elected a Congress dominated by Republican climate-skeptics.

So what happened to change everything?