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Mr. Harper: Canada needs you to support electric vehicles

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BCSEA’s Electric Vehicles Letter Writing Team is off to a fast start, with 50 and counting volunteers committing to write Prime Minister Harper and members of the government and opposition.

We are calling for the policies and support that Canada needs to cut its greenhouse gas emissions from transportation to zero by 2040.

And BCSEA has added its own voice:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Re: Support for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and EV Infrastructure in Canada

The BC Sustainable Energy Association urges you to implement policies and actions to support the fastest practical public uptake of EVs and development of EV infrastructure in Canada, specifically:

1. Adopt the vision of the Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada, and establish a goal to achieve 500,000 EVs on the road in Canada by 2024, and the full conversion of Canada’s light-duty vehicle fleet to EVs by 2040.

2. Establish a High-Level Electric Vehicles Task Force dedicated to making Canada EV-friendly.

3. Require Canada’s automobile industry to meet best-in-world fleet CO2 emissions standards, i.e. from the current 153 grams CO2/km by 2016 to the EU goal of 95g CO2/km by 2020, going to zero grams by 2040.

4. Match US EV incentives and tax breaks, currently equivalent US $7,500 per vehicle. This would cost $750 million over 5 years for 100,000 vehicles, plus financial support for charging stations.

5. Apply a CO2 emissions scale to the federal sales tax for new and used vehicles, with a lower rate on lower emitting vehicles and a higher rate of tax on less inefficient vehicles.
Seek a continental agreement with the United States and Mexico for the transformation of North American vehicle industry to EVs and zero carbon or very low carbon vehicles.

To meet its fair share of necessary global greenhouse gas reductions and minimize the harm of climate change, Canada must cut its GHGs by in the order of 100% by 2040.  Transportation produces 28% of Canada’s GHGs. EVs offer a way to greatly reduce the GHGs of transportation even when fossil fuels power the grid.


Thomas Hackney, Policy Director – thackney@bcsea.org

cc:             Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Opposition

                  Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party

                  Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party

                  Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport

                  Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources

                  Hoang Mai, NDP transport critic

                  David McGuinty, Liberal transport critic

Will you help us make this a reality? Add you voice. Tell the P.M. where the future is headed.  Numbers count, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. This is an election year: time for some accountability.