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Break into the Renewable Energy Industry!

Randolph Seibold - Guest Writer
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Canada isn’t usually considered a world leader when it comes to modern renewable energy.  Its abundant big hydro, along with fossil energy resources, has made it a less than urgent priority over the past couple of decades.  However, one area that has seen renewable energy flourish is in its education sector.


shutterstock_136390835_0.jpgColleges and universities across the country have developed renewable energy and building energy management programs and courses. After struggling to fill them, many are now experiencing full classes and wait lists, as students realize the growing opportunities that exist in renewable energy, including in Canada.

The progression of environmentally friendly, climate-safe energy has moved from the realm of the scientist, through the protests of the activists, and is now firmly in the courts of government and the marketplace.  Progressive policies, coupled with ever-improving technologies and industry best practices, are unlocking a boom that in 2015 delivered a staggering $329 billion in new investment worldwide, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

shutterstock_127612022_0.jpgFor individuals, that means now is the time to get informed, prepared, and educated to seize new business and career opportunities as they arise.  Energy Schools Canada is digital download, compiled by Wind Hunters, that profiles programs and courses coast-to-coast.  In addition to post-secondary institutions, industry-sponsored and NGO-led training options are also listed.  Examples include the Sustainable Energy Management certificate at BCIT’s School of Construction and Environment, and Kitchener, Ontario’s Conestoga College, which hosts an introductory Renewable Energy Techniques certificate, plus its Energy Systems Engineering diploma.

The Energy Schools Canada E-guide features approximately 30 more options, from BC to PEI.  Students in Canada are well-served with opportunities to become educated, certified, and ready to contribute to the global renewable energy revolution.


About the Author

Randolph Seibold is the founder of Energy Schools Canada, wind turbine engineer and longstanding BCSEA supporter.