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Green-Collar Jobs: Defined and Explained

From Sightline Institute

Green-collar jobs present a 3-for-1 opportunity for the Northwest: economic stability, reductions in climate-warming pollution, and an escape from dependence on fossil fuels. In short, investing in clean energy creates local jobs at home and ensures our money stays in our communities.

Sightline's research aims to bring clarity and guidance for Northwest decision makers with innovative and comprehensive solutions for growing a green-collar workforce in our region. On this page you'll find Sightline's latest green jobs analyses and resources. Have questions? Contact Nate Kommers at Sightline Institute.

Green-Collar Jobs: the Basics

Green-Collar Jobs: Energy Efficiency Solutions
Guiding principles for--and examples of--energy efficiency programs in the Northwest

Green-Collar Jobs: Realizing the Promise
What green jobs are, who has them, and how we get more

Green Jobs Messaging Guide
Tips for talking about green-collar jobs

Green-Collar Profiles: Faces of the Green-Collar Workforce
What green jobs are, who has them, and how we get more

Green-Collar Jobs
How green can put us on the path to economic recovery