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Not Stupid: 9 Actions You Can Take Today

A vigorous post-screening discussion at the recent Victoria screening of The Age of Stupid culminated with the sharing of action ideas around how we can all be “Not Stupid”. Here are the top nine actions to share with your friends and family.

Four of these are political actions, which are very important in the present situation. We have to move our provincial and federal governments to move more quickly and with much more vigor to address this supremely important problem.

Five of the actions are personal or household actions which are always necessary for any real change to take place. Now is the time to make these changes.

Four Political Actions

  1. Sign BCSEA’s online petition to Let LiveSmart Live! -- to be presented in the BC Legislature as soon as possible. Sign the petition now. We know there’s a desire among many people within government to get the program renewed, but we must apply significant pressure and soon.
  2. Send an email to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, urging him to stop messing around with our children’s future and make a serious commitment, before the Copenhagen Conference, to reduce Canada’s GHGs by 25% below 1990 by 2020, as Japan has done.
  3. Send a similar email to Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal opposition
  4. Adopt your local MP or MLA, and become their personal climate solutions email service, regularly sending them stories that make you concerned or hopeful. Watch BCSEA’s website at http://www.bcsea.org or join our news listserv to be more in the flow of that information.

Five Household Actions (to Reduce your Carbon Footprint)

  1. Get your home energy-audited, and invest in measures to save energy. EcoEnergy grants are still available: http://www.citygreen.ca
  2. Take advantage of special homeowner grants – still available for a limited time – to install a solar hot water system. See BCSEA’s SolarBC website for details.
  3. Grow your own food, and buy more locally grown organic food. Start eating a more vegetarian diet.
  4. Dust off your bicycle, or buy a new or a second hand one. If you live in an urban area, work with local groups to push for more cycling paths and lanes.
  5. Pursue ride-sharing for regular trips to work, school, sports, choir, or church. If available in your area, consider selling your car and joining a car sharing co-op.

Got more ideas? Send them to us! We will make them available on the www.bcsea.org website.